Post-Fire or Smoking Odors Completely Eliminated

Tired of offensive smoke odors in your home, RV or car? Do your clothes or household furniture smell of smoke? Did you have a fire and want the smell of smoke gone?

Smoke Problems? No Problem.

Our unique treatment process harnesses the power of the sun and nature to completely eliminate smoke toxic off-gases and complex smoke odors.

This process uses nature’s own nanotechnology and advanced photochemical oxidation in which contaminants are molecularly dismantled, freeing the air of odiferous particles.

These dismantled contaminants then decay into harmless residue and all the agents introduced into your indoor air environment transition back to harmless natural elements, leaving your home free of all odors.

If it sounds complex, well, that’s nature at work.

No home-based air purifier, air duct cleaning, or odor removal service on the market performs to the exacting standards of EnviroFix.

We mean it when we say EnviroFix kills the foulest odors. Give us a try. We guarantee results. Feel the Freshness!


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