Remove Auto Odor and Add $1000+ to the Value of that Car?

Few things lower the value of a car faster than persistent unpleasant car odors. Whether you are an auto dealer or a car owner with a trade-in, removing car smells will increase the value of your car!

EnviroFix can remove auto odors caused by tobacco smoke, mildew and mold, pets, spilled milk or rotten food. We can’t predict exactly how much the value of your car will increase, but here’s what one local auto professional had to say about the value of removing auto smells:

“EnviroFix is without a doubt the best dealer prep you can invest in.  The difference between a car without it and one with it is at least $1000 dollars.
Easy to sell cars when you don’t have to explain any bad smells inside.
Deacon Jones Ford Lincoln Mercury

We are working with over 500 car dealers in North Carolina to remove stinky auto odors…and an EnviroFix treatment takes only one hour for most cars.

Remove Auto Odors with a Process Free of Harsh Chemicals & Safe for the Environment

How can the EnviroFix process remove the full range of auto odors?

Not with harsh and dangerous cleaners that can damage surfaces, and not by masking them with perfumes and deodorants, which just replace one air-quality problem with another.

Our high-technology process uses patented clear-air towers. In just one hour, they can break down odor causing agents. The towers generate a circulating dry vapor containing hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone that eliminates odors at the source!

This process eliminates auto odors in a way that that doesn’t damage property and is friendly to the environment. We guarantee our results. If you are not 100% satisfied during our 30-day Satisfaction Period, we will re-treat your vehicle at no cost.

It’s Simple to Start the Process…and Save $5

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