Eliminate Car Odors in 1 Hour with No Perfumes or Chemicals!

Your car! Your health! Your pride! Your investment!

True Odor Removal, Not Odor Masking

EnviroFix will make your car smell fresh and clean. We eliminate all odors by killing the germs, virus and bacteria that cause odors.

If your car smells like tobacco smoke, mildew and mold, pets, spilled milk, rotten food or any other smell, we guarantee to make it clean and fresh smelling.

Are you selling your car and want to get as much for it as possible? Get rid of smoke, mildew, pet and food odors for a higher trade in value.

Have you found a car you want to purchase but it has a bad odor? No need to pass up a good buy — just have your car dealer “EnviroFix” it. We are working with over 500 car dealers in central and eastern North Carolina to refresh used cars for your pleasure.

Did you just buy a used car and you aren’t sure who owned it or where it has been? Get peace of mind with an EnviroFix treatment.

We do not use sprays or perfumes or any chemicals to cover the odors — we just eliminate them nature’s way — guaranteed.

Does your new car make you sneeze? That new car smell is a product of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. While the “new-car whiff” may smell good and signal the brain that we have a new toy, the reality is less exhilarating. VOC fumes can cause nausea, sore throats and headaches. An EnviroFix treatment can clean the air of these toxic fumes so you can enjoy your new car in good health.

People have emotional responses to odors, positively and negatively. Studies of bad smells found odors accounted for an increase in car accidents. Enjoy your car — make it a positive experience.

An EnviroFix treatment takes only one hour for most cars.

We mean it when we say EnviroFix kills the foulest odors. Give us a try. We guarantee results. Feel the Freshness!



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