Need to Remove Pet Urine Odor even after Tearing out the Flooring?

Few things are worse than a home with persistent unpleasant odors. Tobacco smoke, mildew & mold, cooking, and pet urine odors can make a home unpleasant for you and your guests.

Our customers have told us that scrubbing, cleaning, deodorizing…even replacing carpets and tearing out baseboards and flooring seldom eliminate those persistent odors.

I had a severe cat urine odor problem in a property I was renovating to sell.  The odor was so persistent and so pervasive I even cut out and replaced the floor sheathing in the living room, replaced the baseboards throughout the house, removed all floor coverings and used 2 coats of primer/sealer on the bare floors.  I even had all new duct work installed. 

But the odor persisted!

Envirofix did one treatment, and promised me you would do as many treatments as needed. Problem solved!”

Triangle East Properties

The unique EnviroFix process eliminates not just cat & dog urine odors, but it removes the full range of residential odors. We can remove smoke odors from both fires and tobacco use, remove mold & mildew odors, and remove cooking odors and allergens.

Remove Odors with a Process Free of Harsh Chemicals & Safe for the Environment

How can the EnviroFix process remove the full range of residential odors?

Not with harsh and dangerous cleaners that can damage surfaces. And not by masking with perfumes and deodorants, which just replaces one air-quality problem with another.

Our high-technology process uses patented clear-air towers. Within a few hours, they can break down odor causing agents. The towers generate a circulating dry vapor containing hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone that eliminates odors at the source!

This process eliminates residential odors in a way that that doesn’t damage property and is friendly to the environment. And we guarantee our results. If you are not 100% satisfied during our 30-day Satisfaction Period, we will re-treat at no cost.

It’s Simple to Start the Process…and Save 10%

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