Challenging Odor Removal Problem? How About Making a Locker Room Smell Fresh & Clean?

Scott McInnes, Athletic Director at Millbrook High School, had a SERIOUS odor removal problem. The sweat, fungus and stench in his locker room simply could not be removed by cleaning and scrubbing. And masking with sprays and deodorants never eliminated the underlying smells.

Scott McInnes had a REAL odor problem.  His solution?  Bring in the team from EnviroFix—a single treatment removed the locker room odors!

They came in on a Friday night and killed the bacteria, fungus, and stench growing in our locker room. We also left the helmets and shoulder pads in the locker room to kill the bacteria and smell growing on them. I will definitely use EnviroFix’s service next year.”
Scott McInnes, Millbrook High Athletic Director

Remove Odors with a Process Free of Harsh Chemicals & Safe for the Environment

How can we make a football locker room smell fresh and clean?

Not with harsh and dangerous cleaners that can damage surfaces. And not by masking with perfumes and deodorants, which just replaces one air-quality problem with another.

Our high-technology process uses patented clear-air towers. Within a few hours, they can break down odor causing agents. The towers generate a circulating dry vapor containing hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone that eliminates odors at the source!

This process eliminates commercial and industrial odors in a way that that doesn’t damage property and is friendly to the environment.

In Commercial Business, Odors Impact Your Revenue!

We can tackle just about any commercial odor problem. Odor problems directly impact your revenue by making units difficult to lease or repelling customers from your retail or commercial space. Within the span of a few hours these problems can be eliminated.

And we guarantee our results. If you are not 100% satisfied during our 30-day Satisfaction Period, we will re-treat your commercial space at no cost.  We have hundreds of satisfied commercial businesses that use our high-technology services on a regular basis to eliminate the types of odors that stand in the way of satisfying your customers.

It’s Simple to Start the Process…and Save 10%

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