EnviroFix’s Indoor Air Health Checklist

How safe is your indoor air?

1. Do any household members smoke? 
2. Are there pets in the home? 
3. Are there unusual and noticeable odors? 
4. Do you have an attached or free standing garage? 
5. Is your home under 10 years old? 
6. Has your home been tested for radon? 
7. Is there evidence of moisture problems on the foundation? 
8. Do you use a humidifier or dehumidifier? 
9. Is there evidence of asbestos? 
10. Do you have a fireplace? 
11. Are there any unvented gas appliances? 
12. Do you use a high efficiency filter for your home?
13. Is the furnace in good working order and is it cleaned and inspected yearly by a licensed heating contractor? 
14. Is dust on the furniture noticeable? 
15. Do you vacuum regularly with a high-efficiency filter vacuum cleaner? 
16. Do you have wall-to-wall carpeting? 
17. Are any of the following hobbies conducted indoors: wood-working, jewelry making, pottery or model building? 
18. Do you use professional lawn care fertilization services or commercial pesticides? 
19. Is there any evidence of rodents, cockroaches, ants and/or insects? 
20. Have you installed a carbon monoxide detector? 

If you have a question about this list- please give us a call.

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