How Our Machines Work

The EnviroFix Tower generates several purifying photocatalytic agents (“oxyspecies”) which operate together interactively enhancing one another. Together these eradicate airborne microorganisms and odiferous hydrocarbon molecules by killing and then dismantling their molecular bonds. The process can be thought of as occurring in parallel operating channels within the chamber.

Channel 1 — Germicidal UV Radiation

Air comes into the bottom rear of the unit. High intensity germicidal irradiation at 254 nanometers wavelength is lethal to incoming airborne microorganisms, creating peptide bonds within their DNA preventing them from replicating further while dismantling is underway.

Channel 2 — Powerful Singlet Oxygen and Oxyradical Plasma

A dense cloud of powerful molecular oxidizers attack bio-particles and rapidly begin breaking the carbon bonds that form their cellular matter. Approximately 70% of the system’s energy goes into creating this powerful sterilizing plasma, which includes singlet oxygen, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and three oxyradicals: hydroxyl radicals, the atomic oxygen radical, and hydroperoxide radicals. These agents remain in the chamber.

Channel 3 — Concentrated O3

Purified trivalent oxygen, called ozone, is produced which contributes to oxidization within the chamber and production of more oxyradicals. Remaining ozone molecules leave the top of the unit to continue their work outside the chamber for another 10-15 minutes before decaying harmlessly back to the natural elements from which they were made. Generally, the individual lifetimes of the Channel 2 oxyspecies are so short that they do their work only within the reactor chamber on target material suspended in the air passing through. The Channel 3 oxyspecies continue to operate outside the chamber, giving the unit its Level One surface decontamination capabilities for nearby surfaces.

Channel 4 — Photocatalytic Production of Hydroxyl Radicals

Anatase nanoparticles coated on the entire inner chamber wall undergo a photocatalytic reaction driven by the UV energy field. They convert water vapor in the air or feed gas into more hydroxyl radicals projecting from the entire inner surface. The new oxyradicals break up passing organic matter and generate more oxyradicals from the O3 concentration present.

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